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Audit Services

Ensuring financial information is accurate and transparent is becoming increasingly more important in this fast moving business environment.

Directors, boards and audit committees all have a responsibility to their stakeholders to provide financial information that is generated from a robust internal environment.

Our Audit Team

Roderick Thyer

Stephen French

Tanya James

Trust Examinations for Law Practices

Under the Legal Profession Act 2004 and the Legal Profession Regulation 2005a law practice is required to have its trust records externally examined once in each financial year if it has received or held trust money, excluding Transit Money.

An external examination covers a law practice’s trust records from the beginning of April to the end of March in the following year. A law practice must appoint an external examiner to complete a written external examiner’s report their trust records, which the examiner then forwards to the Law Society of NSW by the end of May each year.

We are pleased so offer legal practices fixed fee services in preparing their trust account external examination. Our prices are based on the number of transactions in the trust account.

Audit of SMSF

Our highly skilled team can prepare the audit of your self-managed super fund. Unlike many SMSF auditors we don’t outsource our audits. Our audits are conducted in-house by our team of specialists which means your audit will be complete efficiently. Beware of low costs auditors who more than often outsource your private information to offshore providers.

Company audits and reviews

MMT Accountants + Advisers have extensive experience in conducting company audits we can help you by providing:

  • preparing financial statement audits (positive opinion)
  • preparing financial statement reviews (negative opinion)
  • providing compliance opinions
  •  reviewing your internal control environment
  • reviewing your corporate governance
  • assessing due diligence