Financial Advisory


Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.
Our Practice

MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd is an independently owned, specialist financial services organisation. We hold our own Australian Financial Services License No. 458115; we are not owned by any product or service provider therefore we manage the business to benefit our clients, providing appropriate advice to enhance their financial security.

The firm’s shareholders and advisers have no interests in, and are under no obligation to promote any particular investment products or the services of any institution or product provider. We have established relationships with many leading financial institutions enabling us to offer a myriad of solutions to meet clients’ objectives.

We are proud to point out that our professional staff has extensive industry experience averaging over 20 years in the Financial Services industry; this experience coupled with relevant tertiary qualifications ensures both comprehensive and quality strategic solutions. As a practice we actively encourage ongoing training and development to ensure that we keep abreast of the constantly changing legislative and compliance framework; and the dynamic economic and investment landscape.

In addition to our in-house expertise MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd access specialist research and technical resources, which means clients benefit from the latest research, opportunities and legislative changes, all contributing to our comprehensive financial advice strategies.


Step One

Understanding your needs and objectives

This involves a preliminary meeting to clarify and understand your short, medium, and long term financial and lifestyle objectives.


Preparation of advice

Your adviser, incorporating specialist advice where required, will develop tailored strategies to help you meet your objectives; this advice is presented in writing in the form of a Statement of Advice (SOA).


Implement your strategies

Once you have agreed with the recommended plan, your adviser and our client services manager, will attend to all the necessary documentation in order to implement the plan.


Implement your strategies

Your adviser will communicate with you on a regular basis, to keep you informed and discuss your progress towards your objectives. It is important that your adviser is made aware of any changes in your needs or circumstances, so that they can be accommodated going forward.


As adviser’s our work begins with a consultation with the client, from whom we obtain information on their financial position and objectives – What are their goals? Why are they investing? What is their time horizon? Do they have enough? When do they want to realise the fruits of their investment? What is their risk tolerance? How do they protect their family and lifestyle?

Following an initial meeting we consider a range of strategies; develop a comprehensive financial plan that identifies problem areas, makes recommendations for improvement, and where appropriate, select appropriate financial services or investments compatible with the client’s goals, attitude toward risk, and expectation or need for a return on the investment. The comprehensive financial plan is always provided in written form.

How Often

At MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd we are client driven, we will communicate with clients a number of times during the year and recommend that we meet at least once a year to review their existing position, review their strategy, and to determine whether the clients have been through or are contemplating any life changes such as marriage, disability, or retirement—that might affect their financial goals.

What Out Clients Want

Financial Security

Financial stability

Grow their wealth

Protect their family

Reduce their tax

Lifestyle in retirement

Making the most of super

Manage business risk

What we do

MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd are financial advisers, also called financial planners or financial consultants; we use our extensive knowledge of investments, superannuation, tax laws, and insurance to recommend strategies and financial options to individuals and companies in accordance with their short, medium, and long-term goals.

Some of the issues that we address are wealth creation, retirement and estate planning, funding for education, mortgage reduction, and general investment and risk management options. As strategic planners, MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd adopts a unique approach to addressing financial issues for clients. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of the individuals or companies financial position are considered within a cohesive and comprehensive plan. Ongoing review and monitoring of portfolios and service providers are intrinsic to our long-term relationship ethic.

Our Clients

The clients of MMT Financial Solutions Pty Ltd are referred predominately by MMT Partners, external accountants, and existing clients; the referred clients range from individuals, families seeking to grow and protect their wealth, business owners, companies and superannuation trustees.


Business succession planning
Corporate superannuation planning
Risk management and equity protection


Retirement and redundancy planning
Investment and taxation strategies
Superannuation and estate planning
Mortgage finance and reduction strategies
All investments including advice