Business Advisory


“ You cannot solve problems with the same level
of consciousness that was used to create them”
Albert Einstein
Experience and knowledge to make your business soar

Getting regular business advice is often an overlooked area, not only when starting a new business but also in more established business to ensure they are in a position to reach their succession plans.

Regular monthly review meetings are a valuable service that most business owners need but rarely do.

We can help your business by:

  • Business health check
  • Offering tailored 24 month rolling budgets
  • What if analysis of project decisions
  • Help establishing KPI’s for you team
  • Succession planning
  • Cash flow and profit plans
  • Performing accountability sessions
Our Business Advisory Team

Roderick Thyer

Stephen French

Dean Sammut

How it works
Step 1: Analyse & Identify with our free Business Health Check

This involves a high level review of your business financial information and a list of recommendations to improve your business performance.

Step 2: Develop

This stage is designed for businesses to ‘test the waters’ so we offer our full package services for a limited time.
We formulate an agreed action plan based on areas we have identified and provide ongoing support for your business to get there. It is a measured look at how we can improve your business with a review point at end demonstrating the benefits we have made.

Step 3: Soar

Your business is now on track and focused, we now complete a 360° review and develop an operating and financial plan. We agree on monthly or quarterly targets to keep you accountable and ensure you are staying focused.

How we’re different

We work very different to other firms in the advisory space. Like most, we do appoint a key adviser but our ideas and strategies are not limited to that adviser. We take a team approach in identifying and implementing our strategies and plans. This way you benefit from the wealth of combined experience of each and every one of our team members.