Cloud Accounting

Giving you the information you need to improve your business.

Cloud technology. You’ve heard about it; in fact you are probably already using it with web-based email such as or Gmail, or file storage services such as Dropbox and Google Docs. You may also be familiar with cloud offerings such as Evernote, SalesForce or Amazon Cloud Services.

Can cloud technology benefit my business from an accounting and financial services standpoint ?

A resounding yes. The benefits of cloud accounting are multiple:

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Anyplace anytime access = better decisions

Take advantage of available time wherever you may be check account balances, pay bills and get a real time picture of your company’s complete financial situation. With customizable dashboard tools that also include cash flow analysis as well sales and profitability trends, you can make timely, informed decisions with greater confidence. The system can alert you when bills need to be paid or when customer invoices are overdue. When key staff is traveling or spread across wide distances, the accessibility of a cloud-based solution really pays off.

MMT’s cloud-accounting solutions

We are here to help you choose and implement your cloud accounting solution to make it work for your business. We work specifically with these three well-established cloud accounting providers: